c. 1925


Looking south towards Rosslyn Circle from the Key Bridge. The photograph on the left was taken from the foot of the Key Bridge shortly after its completion in 1923. Streetcars from Washington, like the one in the center of the photograph, crossed the new bridge and turned around in Rosslyn Circle. Passengers could walk across the street to the Washington and Old Dominion Railway terminal, the light-colored building on the right. The terminal was opened in 1923 and demolished in 1939. On the left, with a gabled roof, is the terminal of the Washington-Virginia Railway. Passengers could catch trolleys to Mount Vernon on one line, or to Clarendon and Fairfax on another. As late as 1960, Rosslyn looked much as it does in the photograph on the left. The first office building was completed in 1961, and others followed in rapid succession.