Directions to the PSC's Lutz Fieldstation from Washington, D.C.

Location on Google Maps: 38.285434, -79.920993

Drive west on Interstate 66 to the end and head south on Interstate 81, towards Harrisonburg, Va.

In Harrisonburg, take exit 247B and head west on Route 33 to Franklin, W.Va.

After about one hour of driving, you'll reach Franklin, W.Va. In Franklin, turn left onto Route 220 south, heading towards Monterrey, Va.

Drive through Monterrey on 220, then turn right on Route 84 and follow it for about 20 miles heading west.

When you reach the town of Frost, turn north on Route 92 and go one half mile.

Take your first left on County Road 13. Stay on this road for about 2.8 miles, turning right at the one fork along the way, until you reach the fieldstation. The site is on the north (right) side of the road, just after you leave the Seneca State Forest. You will see the pavilion and the trailer from the road. Please park along the driveway.

Mapquest and Google both suggest taking Route 250 but, unless you like endless switchbacks, Route 33 to 220 is preferable.