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Lutz Fieldstation Management Plan

(as of May 20, 2018)


The fieldstation is managed by the fieldstation committee. The fieldstation committee chairman is appointed by the PSC board of directors. The current (as of 2018) chairman is John Harman. Contact John for any information about the fieldstation.

The combination for the electric box, the trailer, and the shed is available from the fieldstation committee chairman or any fieldstation committee member. The same combination opens all three locks.

The PSC treasurer will maintain accurate records of income and expenses. The fieldstation will not have a separate bank account, and any bills will be paid directly by the PSC treasurer. Any out-of-pocket expenses incurred by the fieldstation committee chairman, or by anyone acting under his or her authority, will be reimbursed by the PSC treasurer.

About the Fieldstation

The Bob Lutz Fieldstation consists of about two acres of land in West Virginia, near the town of Dunmore, West Virginia. The property, about a half hour from Marlinton and Cass, is ideally located as a base camp for caving trips to Friars Hole, My Cave, Sharps Cave, Simmons-Mingo, and a host of other caves.

The Fieldstation is a large grassy field with plenty of camping space. The facilities include a small camper with electricity and six bunks for sleeping, a shed with a vault toilet inside, and a pavilion with electricity.

There is no potable water available at the fieldstation.

A primitive water system for the sink behind the shed is available by placing the water pump from the shed into the stream beside the shed and pumping water into the barrel beside the sink. Directions for using the system are posted inside the trailer.

Rules for visitors

You must either be a PSC member, a guest of a PSC member, recommended (vouched for) by a PSC member, or otherwise known to the fieldstation committee, for you and your party to spend the night at the fieldstation. There is no limit on the number of guests a PSC member may have.

When you arrive, you can access the inside of the trailer via the "side door" with the combination lock.

Sign-in in the logbook in the trailer when you arrive. Fees ($2 a night for PSC members, and $4 for others) should be mailed to Joanne Smith, the PSC treasurer. Make all checks payable to the Potomac Speleological Club.

Follow the opening and closing procedures that are posted inside the trailer.

Preserve the lawn by keeping traffic on the grass to a minimum, and completely avoid driving on the lowest areas.

Help maintain good neighbor relations by keeping noise and exuberant activities to a minimum.

Sleeping spaces in the trailer and tent sites are available on a first come, first-served basis.

Do not leave personal items or food in the trailer between visits. Store all paper goods and cooking equipment in the sealed plastic tubs located in the trailer.

When leaving the Fieldstation after a visit, clean it up and take the trash with you.