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Circulator bus in Washington, D.C.

1. Circulator Bus

The Circulator is the best way to get around on the National Mall other than walking. This bus has six separate routes, and each trip costs $1 (or less). The routes generally cover areas that are interesting to tourists and not easy to reach by Metro trains. The National Mall route starts at Union Station and makes a loop down the length of the National Mall and around the Lincoln Memorial. There are stops near all the museums and major memorials. Another route provides access to Georgetown from the Dupont Circle and Rosslyn Metro stops.

The Circulator is easy to use. Just wait at one of the stops marked with a red Circulator sign. The buses arrive every 10 minutes (or 15 minutes under some circumstances). When you get on the bus, you pay one dollar in cash or coins. (Seniors and disabled persons are 50 cents.) You need exact change because the driver can't make change. You can also pay with the same SmarTrip card that you use for the Metro trains. Those cards are available in all Metro train stations. If you pay with the SmarTrip card, fares are discounted automatically if you are passing to or from a Metro train.

Website: dccirculator.com
Mall Route webpage: nationalmall.dccirculator.com

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